Like the freshest water, good communication flows.

Our Approach

A successful business needs an ongoing stream of communications.

No matter where a business might be in its financial cycle—start-up, IPO, or bell-weather stock—it will benefit from a strong communication program.

Investor relations is a communications function.

When the time comes to raise capital or issue debt, investors performing due diligence will want to discover a history of announcements and progress, not a lone website that could have gone up the day before. They will want to see the company’s activity reported in the sources they regularly consult and trust. Post-IPO, its not the quarterly results that move the stock, but the story that explains them.

More than the finance function benefits.

Every press release, blog entry, and social-media post provides a lever to engage an audience and reinforce key messages. A strong communications program gives you more and larger levers. Marketing, promotion, HR, stakeholder outreach, regulatory compliance, investor and board relations—they all benefit as a result.

The audience is bigger than it appears.

A company talks to more than just its customers. Bankers, insurers, investors, regulators, market analysts, governmental, civic, and NGO stakeholders can all affect a business’s success. They need to know the company and understand its operations and goals in terms that matter to them.

A business has more to communicate than its products and services.

A company’s people and leadership, its operations, successes and milestones all create opportunities to convey key messages to the many stakeholders that can affect the bottom line.

When a crisis hits, it’s too late.

If you only communicate when there's a crisis, then every communication you make is a crisis. When an emergency hits, investors, media, and regulators give the benefit of the doubt to those who communicate regularly because they know that an update from the company is on its way.

It’s always time to talk.

If you’re not communicating, others are. Those watching your business will always have something to say. But if you communicate regularly, they discuss your announcements, not speculations, letting you better manage your company’s narrative.

Scribble Industries can help.

Quick to grasp your business, Scribble Industries will identify and characterize your audiences, develop both on-going and focussed campaigns, and help you generate the full range of content your business needs to thrive.


Solid strategy for any communication effort, and polished content to match.

The Team

Scribble Industries’ principal consultant and founder is Peter Atwood.